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It was 1982 when two young friends Javier Rivera Parada and Drago Glucevic had the dream of creating a candy factory to continue with the market left by the well-known Hucke brand in Chile. They were pioneers in many lines of candies, but mainly in manufacturing the famous Guagüitas.

It was then when these two young men, full of passion and hard work, managed to continue making Guaguitas and soon added other confectionery of the time, which are still in use today.

Over the years Javier Rivera was able to grow his factory to the point of being today a recognized confectioner and sole owner of the SPAK brand for more than 40 years.

Spak has managed to commercialize its own lines of candies throughout Chile and is planning to send them abroad in t h e short term.

Its main policy is to maintain unalterable the flavors, textures and quality of its confections using unique recipes that have made SPAK a transversally recognized brand.


In Rivera y Cía Ltda, confites Spak we are dedicated to produce high quality traditional confections that preserve the tradition and flavor of the products of yesteryear, providing a unique and authentic experience to our customers.


The vision is to be recognized as a leading company in the manufacture of high quality traditional products that preserve the tradition and flavor of the products of yesteryear, and that complies with the highest standards of quality, legality, safety and food safety.

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